Nature in and around Brossac South Charente

charente butterflyLet the animals, insects, plants, and trees guide you through Brossac South Charente France. Miles of groomed (and some less groomed) trails beckon you. Hike, bicycle and explore miles of nature surrounding Brossac Village. In particular, you may want to explore the nature trails of nearby Boisbreteau featuring a passage along the safari park border, or the Cistude walk where you can observe (if you are quiet!) small turtles in astounding numbers in their shady ponds.

Nature can be explored in many ways: on foot, on bicycle, with the whole family or with a group of friends, on horseback or even on moto quad! There are different trails for each and plenty of room for each discipline to enjoy themselves while respecting the others.

Brossac Themed Discovery Trails

nature hikingThere are many, many hiking trails to see the points of interest in South Charente. Multiple areas exist for the preservation of many rare plants- they are scattered throughout Brossac, St Vallier, Chillac and St Laurent des Combes. The mairies in each of these communes will have guides as well as the tourist office in Brossac. There is also a local group that has a great website with lots of downloadable guides- all in French! The CIRSC website

Orchids, sunshine and South Charente

brossac orchidsThe ocean influenced climate and moderate temperatures around Brossac plus its well drained soil make for a diverse population of wild orchids in South charente. In the spring, look for orchids along nearly all the hiking trails. There are over 25 orchid species in the county of Brossac. Use the CIRSC website to download the topoguide to the orchids of the area or pick one up in the tourist office or at Brossac Lake.

weather map red= more than 2250 hours of sunshineThe climate in the Poitou Charentes region is one of the sunniest in France, second only to the famous Cote d'Azur in the south of the country. In an average year the region gets over 2,200 hours of sunshine a year making it an ideal holiday destination - what can be better than sitting watching the sun dip over the farm house, lake or field of vines with of glass a red wine in your hand?--

Brossac Lamas by Mr Ewart visitor

During the almost non-existent UK summer of 2008 we decided to have a quick getaway to an area of France we have visited often in the past. The Poitou-Charente is gentle France, gently rolling hills, meandering footpaths, lazy rivers and fields of vines and sunflowers swaying softly in the breeze. On researching the area we found a website offering a unique experience, a day trekking with Llamas! Intrigued by the concept, we marked this down as a must on our list of things to do.

On arrival at Etang Vallier holiday village we soon found out that the owner of Les Llamas de Brossac would be attending our welcome meeting. Having met Brian and one of the Llamas we quickly decided that this would be a wonderful way to spend a day of our holiday and arranged a trek.

9.30 Am Tuesday morning found four forty-something’s and two excited 9 year olds helping to harness 6 Llamas at Brian & Margaret’s home just two Km’s from our accommodation. After a short safety briefing and some information about the animals we set off for a three hour walk through the glorious Charentais countryside.

Both Brian and the Llamas proved to be wonderful walking companions. Brian was an excellent guide taking us along woodland tracks, down leafy lanes and explaining the history of various landmarks along the way. The Llamas are peaceful gentle creatures who are both calming and relaxing companions, their only demand of you being time to pause along the way to munch on chestnut leaves whilst you drink in the splendid beauty and silence of what must be one of Frances few remaining untold secrets. Our trek was over fairly easy terrain covering about 10Km in around three hours, (Brian will tailor the route to the needs of the group) and allowed us to build an appetite in preparation for another of Frances undiscovered joys, Margaret’s kitchen!

We spent a delightful afternoon on a covered terrace eating a superb four course Charentais meal complimented by local wine and cognac. The cost of this wonderful experience was just €35 per adult inclusive of the trekking and all food & drink. Our day lasted from 9.30 AM until after 6PM, but for longer treks you may be later, we certainly had no sense of being rushed. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Llama trekking for anyone from around 9 years old. It is not necessary to be especially fit, but decent footwear is a must. Our 9 year olds can’t wait to get back to school to tell their friends all about their experience. I have a sneaking suspicion that the adults will be keen to spread the word too. For more information you can contact Brian or Margaret on 05 45 98 90 58 or visit