Finding a place to stay in Brossac is easy

Villa to rent in BrossacBrossac has a very large park of rental properties available thanks to its fabulous central location and lots of activities. Etang Vallier Resort offers the biggest selection, with all the assurances of a managed park and modern homes. Many homes in Brossac are only open during the summer months- but there are plenty available to accommodate you during the other months of the year as well. Autumn is the best bet for a beautiful stay- often there are still paddlers at Brossac lake at the end of October!

Rent a villa in Brossac

There are private gites scattered all around the Charente countryside- some are quirky fix it uppers done by quirkier owners, others are splendid historical manoirs with all the modern conveniences. Make sure you know what you are reserving. Around Brossac, you have the added advantage of established tourist services, but don't make the mistake of renting a broken down summer house during the cold month of February for your winter break!

The Etang Vallier Resort Homes

Chalets campingThere are several parks within the Etang Vallier Lakeside Resort: There is the new built holiday villa park "Les Pinedes", the Wood Chalet park "La Clairière" and the camping area due to reopen in 2009 "Les Chataigniers".

Consider the advantages of a managed park

Even if you aren't the package tour type of person and you like to independently explore during your holiday, it is always nice to have other people around. Most holiday memories that last over the years are about the people you meet and the things you experienced with them. Etang Vallier Resort offers a collection of homes privately owned by people like yourself. They love Brossac, love their house here and rent it out to others to enjoy when they aren't here themselves. You'll find friendly touches, notes on where to visit, and at the same time have an on site caretaker and activities! If the plumbing breaks- no worries, call down to the office and it'll be fixed. No tracking down an owner abroad to ask what to do!