Brossac Tourist Information

Yviers visit south charenteFrance and Charente in particular have a lot to visit and experience. Tourist information is everywhere- it is hard to sort through it all really and decide what village and farm to visit, which local product tasting to trust, what shop to buy your souvenirs in which restaurant to try out the evening. You have already got to choose your villa rental, your activities, now the visits in Charente! We'll make it easy. Here are our recommended visits in Brossac and nearby- you'll find half day and full day trip itineraries, plus individual visits for everyone!

Things to See and Visit Brossac South Charente

brossac cultureBrossac village is at the heart of rural South Charente, you can find many local products thanks to its agriculture and farms- delicacies found only in high street specialty stores are picked up from the neighbor here! But, don't let the rural atmosphere fool you, you are also at the cultural crossroads of the Southwest- the gateway to Gascony, in a land traversed by conquerers, religious icons and some of the earliest humans in Europe. Cave dwellings and art, Fine chateaux and Roman churches can all be on your agenda of things to do. Tourist information on all these activities is available either from the Mairie in Brossac, the Tourist information relais in Brossac (open in the summer only) or at Etang Vallier Resort (open all year).

Culture and Art South Charente

south charente art and cultureEspinoa is the culture and art centre run by the 37 villages in the South Charente- there is a Gallery space in Baignes, but there are theatre and musical events hosted in all the communities as well. They have a website- all in French- but the calendar is obvious and your hosts will fill you in if you see something of interest! Espinoa. In Brossac, you will also find The Marmajoux gallery exhibiting local artists work Marmajoux.. It is located just 100m toward the village from Etang Vallier Resort. (Open in the afternoons or by appointment. In Chalais, you will also find works exhibited in the shops in town, and quite frequently there are exhibits in the Chateau and Cloister. Aubeterre is also know for its artists, sculptors, glassworkers, iron workers,potters... and more.

Short Local Daytrips from Brossac

chateau chalais tourist infoFor a good Monday visit, Chalais comes highly recommended. Leave early enough to catch the best items on offer at the large street market featuring produce, local goods, arts and crafts, household items, chickens, rabbits, flowers, fish, sausages, meat, make up, clothes, and more. Pick up your breakfast and stop for a coffee.... Climb the hill up to the Chateau for a visit of its inner courtyard- sometimes inside visits are available- check the schedule as there are plans to reopen in a more permanent manner. There are fabulous views of the surrounding area and many pictures begging to be taken. Also on the hilltop are a beautiful church and the cloister which houses antique fairs and art exhibits regularly. FOr lunch, why not pick up the necessaries during the market for a picnic? Take the car to continue on to take a look at Rioux Martin, with little walking trails and beautiful village scenery then carry on to visit the curiosities at Yviers... Outdoor garden sculptures away like you've never seen thanks to one of its more eccentric residents. After Yviers, you can always return to Brossac, well sated to pass the rest of the day on the beach!

Aubeterre VisitAubeterre offers a nice half day visit for the whole family. There are many restaurants to choose from, so make sure to arrive in time for lunch! There are small shops- antiques, artists, sculptors and potters to visit, a doll museum and the real attraction- the monolithic church carved into the hillside, overhung by the chateau of Aubeterre. Walk the steps of the interior cave church and explore the catacombs (children love this visit if you have them imagine all the scary things that could have once happened here!). There is also a beautiful roman church with remarkable frescos that will awe. If the children have had enough culture- head down hill where you will find a riverside beach and camping area with kayak rentals and swimming- help yourself to a dessert and a bit of sun!


brossac restaurants south charenteThe area around Brossac is teaming with restaurants- know when they are open and you are ahead of the game. Restauranteurs in France are a special breed. They feed you during the appropriate hours (according to tradition- not your stomach) and on the days that arrange their family life and holiday schedule.

In general, cafés and bakeries will open between 8am and 9am to buy pastries and order a coffee or hot chocolate or tea. Restaurants open for lunch will start serving at 12 noon- and you can generally be seated between 11:30 and 11:45 without too many awkward hesitations. They will stop serving quite frequently at 2pm, so don't arrive too late, unless you are in a very touristy area or a large city or a fast food. Dinner is served usually from 7pm to 9pm. When you reserve a table, you have it for the evening- thus the reason that many restaurants- especially small country places don't ask you when you will be arriving. The traditional day for weekly closing is Monday- so plan your barbecues and cooking experiments for Monday night at your holiday rental.

What if it rains?

angouleme museum

During the summer months there aren't many times that your plans will be ruined by the rain. There are generally short wet periods, but nothing to worry about. However, the green hillsides do need water to stay green, so you may need to find an option for a rainy day! We can recommend sight seeing in and around Angouleme- There is the museum with its artifacts of Archeology, African and oceanique art and the fine arts. There is also the Museum of Cartoons- "Bande Dessinées" which will please all ages in different ways, and the Paper museum which features workshops for all ages regarding paper making and more. If you get a break in the weather, you can enjoy a walk in one of the many parks. Including those around the Charente river, or on the hillsides of the ramparts- there are even goats! There is a boat ride on the Charente river which will take you to the chocolate factory tour which is a must do! There are many walking streets in Angouleme with shops and an indoor mall. Restaurants are everywhere- every make and model and price range. The quality is great compared with many city centres. If you need some good old fashionned family fun, you can also pick up a game of Bowling before heading back to Brossac at the Bowling of Angoulem, not far from the the N10 (05 45 67 00 66) Bowling website.

Heading out from Brossac toward the Atlantic Coast

day trip atlantic coastGoing out for the day from Brossac toward the Coast and Royan is a great day trip. You have the advantage of the coastal hustle and bustle being a comfortable drive, but at the end of the day, you can return to the calm comfort of the countryside. From Brossac, see Barbezieux with its chateau, then you can choose to stop and do some antiquing along the road to Pons. In Pons there is the Chateau des Egnimes- with games and parks for the Children as well as the chateau's history, continue on further and decide to visit Meschers for the cave dwellings, Talmont for local art shops, tons of souvenirs and beautiful "Rose Tremière" lined pedestrian streets. If you prefer a day at a traditional French Beach head instead for Royan, with games, traditional beach food, souvenir shops and port. On another day, you may also enjoy the Zoo- but this is a whole day itself.